Mark W. Meade MTOM LAc


Mark is a Board Certified Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Qigong healer. Originally in private practice in Melbourne Australia since 1998, he has been practicing in the USA since 2011. He graduated from Emperor’s College with a 4 year Master’s Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine as well as the Australian College of Natural Medicine with an Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences and Acupuncture. He has also completed 5 years of intensive private instruction in the arts of Tai Qi, Kung Fu, Meditation, Qi Gong and Feng Shui with Professor Yong-Qiang Wang, the 24th Qigong Grand Master of the Traditional Branch of the Emei School of Taoism in China. While completing his training with Professor Wang he spent numerous hours alongside the Professor as his clinical assistant as well as instructing classes at the Australian College of Holistic Medicine in all of the previously mentioned disciplines.